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Minister For Your Ceremony Dr. Sheila Gay GrossRev. Dr. Sheila Gay Gross
is an ordained, licensed interfaith minister who goes beyond traditional limits to help you create the most unique, loving, and personal wedding you have ever wanted or dreamed of. Call for details:

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Russian Wedding Planner

Why Russian American Wedding?
Here at Russian American Wedding we realize that a wedding is not an everyday event and is a ceremony that should leave beautiful, lasting memories.

We understand that no two events are alike and are happy to customize our services to fit your needs.  Whether you are looking to have a contemporary modern look with clean lines, a traditional wedding or to bring in a unique theme, we ensure that all aspects of the wedding are incorporated in the overall design.  We will be there for you whether it is for planning the wedding from start to finish or simply for the wedding day coordinating. 
We hope to make the Best of your Dream!  Whether you're looking for a wedding coordinator, planner, or consultant, we do it all.  We pride ourselves on client satisfaction and have excellent vendor relationships throughout New York Metropolitan aria.  Through our professionalism, commitment, and expertise we have established strong business relationships with our clients.  Let us take the stress out of your wedding day and help you plan it — you are worth it!

Wedding Planner

Why use a Coordinator?
Today’s brides and grooms live busy lives.  They lack the time to make excessive arrangements for their Dream Wedding.  A Wedding Coordinator is an excellent solution for any couple that is not willing to settle for second best or leave things to chance. 

In today’s world it is common to consult an expert for advice when buying a home, for legal or medical matters, or when making any other costly decisions.  It only makes sense to consult a wedding professional on such an expensive day of your life.

DID YOU KNOW? An average bride spends 250 hours organizing her wedding. 
That  equals to approximately 6 full-time weeks she could have spent at 

A Wedding Coordinator can save you valuable time.  An expert could search for the right venue or supplier, reduce your stress and anxiety, save you money and bring the benefit of professional event coordination to your special day.  Most couples are on a restricted budget and want to do things right.  A wedding coordinator will help you set a realistic wedding budget, based on how much you have to spend.  In most cases, a wedding coordinator will save you money!

We as Wedding Coordinators are also here to:

  • Be an efficiency expert and organizer, advising what to do when your plans seem overwhelming

  • Help you understand costs, services and professional lingo

  • Work side by side with the vendors to ensure the day flows smoothly

  • Be an advocate who works on your behalf to get the best services, quality, and prices

  • Oversee all the work done by all the vendors you hire, whether by our recommendation or not

  • Anticipate problems before they arise and solve them, most times without the bride and groom even knowing about them

  • Handle last minute details or errands that need to be taken care of

  • Prepare schedules and itineraries for the vendors

  • Be an extra set of hands that can handle all the details for you

  • Be a mediator to run interference with vendors and family members

  • Diplomatically explain to a difficult relative or guest why toddlers have not been invited

  • Be an independent third party who is a detached problem solver and not embroiled in family situations or emotional decisions

Russian Wedding budget

Wedding Budget
Because every couple has different priorities and the cost of wedding services vary from state to state, our estimated cost for each item is simply a rough guideline to get you started. When you type in your total budget, you'll see suggestions of how to allocate your dollars (based on the average expenditures of other brides who have used this tool). But as you start to make decisions about how to spend your money based on what's important to you, enter your real numbers into the Actual column and our tool will reallocate the money you have left in your budget.

Pay range: $350.00 - $2,500.00

Wedding Traditions
Many wedding traditions from around the world can be integrated into any wedding, whether or not the couple is of that culture or religion.

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  • Jewish
  • Orthodox
  • Catholic
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Greek


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