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How To Be a Great Groom

As a groom (congrats, by the way), here’s what’s expected of you. Of course, these are just the government recommended minimums. Your mileage may vary. Greatly.


  1. Name names. Prepare your side of the guest list.

  2. Go for the gold. Choose the wedding bands, which can match or just have matching engravings. Some couples have their initials engraved with their wedding date inside the ring.

  3. Keep it real. Call the marriage license bureau to determine the necessary requirements and timing. Arrange for the blood test, if necessary.

  4. Get from Point A to B. Book transportation to and from the ceremony and after the reception.

  5. Speak eloquently. Give a toast at the rehearsal dinner in response to the best man’s toast. Mention how lucky you are to marry your bride and thank your parents, in-laws, and guests.

  6. Provide shelter. Book a hotel room for your wedding night, unless you are leaving directly to the honeymoon.

  7. Plan getaway. Honeymoon getaway, that is. While you’re probably going to pick a place with your bride, you are still responsible for most of the legwork.


  • Help out as much as possible, but know your limitations (both personal and fiancée mandated ones).
  • Do your own research, or at least fake it as best as possible. Think college term paper.
  • Ask for help. There's no better way to score brownie points with your future wife than asking for help on a task. Well, you could do the task on your own, but that's expecting a lot of you.


  • Don't just go along for the ride. It might seem like it's working, but sometime, somewhere...this will bite you when you least expect it.
  • Yes, it's your wedding. But your fiancée's probably been thinking about this for much longer than you have. Speak up, but be supportive of her wishes.



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