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Best Man Toasts

Best Man Toast #1

On behalf of (Bride & Groom), I'd like to thank everyone for attending this beautiful wedding today. My name is (Best Man's name), and I am the Best Man. I have to tell you, once (Groom) met (Bride), I knew it was all over for him - he was completely smitten. He walked around in a daze with a goofy look on his face and seemed to spend a lot of time on the phone, talking in hushed tones. But seriously, I have never seen (Groom) so happy and content. I wish you both the best of luck and a life together filled with health, happiness and joy.

Congratulations, (Bride & Groom)!

Best Man Toast #2

I'd like to propose a toast to the bride and groom. May today be the beginning of a wonderful new and long-lasting chapter in their lives, and may they always love, honor and cherish each other, just as they do today.


Best Man Toast #3

As the best man, it's my turn now to make a toast. My name is (Best Man's name), and I've known (Groom) since fourth grade. Wow. That's a long time. Back then we were more interested in transformers than girls. Then it was sports rather than girls. But, sure enough as the seasons change, there came a time when we were more interested in girls than anything else. After watching (Bride and Groom ) fall in love, I can say, now I know all those years of transformer and sports training were worthwhile - (Groom) will always have the transforming ability to say 'Yes Honey' and the Olympic endurance to say 'Yes Honey' for year, after year, after year. Here's to the Bride and Groom!


Best Man Toast #4

I thought I'd write the world's greatest Best Man toast. I spent hours researching on the Internet, seeking wedding poetry, vows, Tibetan wisdom journals, and even ESPN, looking for the critical insight that only a Best Man can provide. Alas, all to no avail. So all I can say is this. I cried when (Groom) told me that he was going to ask (Bride) to marry him, and the next week I cried when I heard the answer was yes. My heart bursts with joy, because (Bride and Groom) are truly made for each other.


Best Man Toast #5

(Groom) and I roomed together for two years of college, and were best friends for all the years since then. Wow, what a surprise today is. The way (Groom) studied in college and never dated, I had my doubts I'd ever see this day! Let's toast the merits of (Groom) learning how to date at the tender age of 24! (Bride), my advice is lock all the books in the basement until you've achieved your goal of three children. Oh, and take good care of (Groom)!


Best Man Toast #6

There's been much clap trap about "I'm not losing a daughter but gaining a son-in-law." My sympathies to (Name), the Father of the bride, for trading his daughter for (Groom) as his son-in-law. I spent four years in college with (Groom), and I assure you, I know who's getting the better end of the trade!


Best Man Toast #7

 (Bride and Groom) - I would like to begin with a speech. A wise person once told me that magic happens at the most unexpected moments. I would have to disagree. Today has been planned for months and months, and it was still filled with magic. I've known (Groom) for many years, and I've never seen him happier than when he is with (Bride). And I haven't seen (Bride) without a smile when she and (Groom) are together. This magic that makes them happy today is love. Love, however, isn't always simple. You will fight and disagree, but as long as you love each other this magic will never die. May the rest of your lives be filled with magical moments. Congratulations!


Best Man Toast #8

Good Evening. My name is (Best Man) and on behalf of (Groom and Bride), I would like to thank you for attending this blessed event today! I have the honor of acting as Best Man tonight, and am thrilled that I am with these two wonderful people as they begin this new chapter in their lives.

(Bride and Groom) have each walked many miles to be here together today, and this wedding is a joy to behold. I can speak for everyone in this room, when I say we all wish you the happiness that you deserve. We are so glad that you have found one another, and this day is a reminder that the best is yet to come.

Congratulations, (Bride and Groom)!


Best Man to the Bride

Good evening, everybody. My name is Tim, and I've had the pleasure of having Kevin as my closest friend for seven years. I'm honored to be his best man today, and I'd like to offer a toast to his beautiful bride, Alicia. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be here to witness their union, and I'd like to thank her parents, John and Alison, for their grace in welcoming us tonight.

The first time Kevin told me he was seeing Alicia, he didn't even have to tell me anything about her--I knew this girl was different. I could tell from the way his eyes lit up when his phone rang, and it was her. Till that point, I'd never seen him get that excited about anything except football! Then...Kevin started changing. All of a sudden, he had a bounce in his step, a twinkle in his eye, and grin on his face--and he always offered me the last beer instead of hoarding it up for himself! Since he started seeing Alicia, Kevin has been more considerate, thoughtful and motivated than ever.

Alicia, you have deepened Kevin's appreciation for life in way I never could've predicted. He is steadfast, honest and downright good-looking, and you are his match in every way: dedicated, genuine, and beautiful, inside and out. Thanks to your presence in his life, Kevin is not only a better friend; he's a better person all around.

Let's toast to the health, happiness and future of this amazing bride. To Alicia!


  • At an inter-cultural wedding, learn about the cultures involved to make sure you don't say something that is completely inappropriate to a significant number of guests.


  • Avoid inside jokes, cultural references, adult humor, bathroom anecdotes, mention of past relationships, and stories involving nudity. Or if you go there, do so at your own risk.

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