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Who walks with Bride

Your walk down the aisle is a shining moment in your wedding. All eyes will be on you; your guests may even stand up to honor you as you proceed down the aisle. You will truly be in the spotlight! It is for this reason that selecting a partner to walk down with you is important. Your partner will share in your pride and happiness. It is a very special duty, and choosing a partner can be difficult if you have many choices among your friends and family.

Traditionally, the bride’s father walks her down the aisle. But what if you have two Dad’s, a biological father, and a step Dad? There are several options. One, have both Dad’s escort you. Or if you are closer to one Dad than the other, go with the one whom you are more comfortable with. Talk to “your two Dad’s.” Maybe one of them would be willing to walk you down the aisle, and let the other do some other important thing such as make the first toast at the reception. If you feel that one or both of them will be upset at these suggestions, you may just want to skip having a partner and walk down the aisle by yourself.

Another choice is to be escorted by both of your parents. Again, if you have a blended family, consider how you feel about each person and discuss this with all of them. You certainly don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or leave anyone out, and there are plenty of special duties to be done at a wedding. Making everyone feel included in some way is the main goal. It does not matter who does what, so long as you are satisfied with the arrangements. A nice thing to do, to honor those important people at the ceremony, is to hand a flower to each of them when you reach the end of the aisle. This will make them stand out, and symbolizes their importance to you.

Parents are not the only ones who can walk with you! Perhaps you really want your sister to escort you, or even a bother, cousin, or a close friend. It does not matter if they are male or female, old or young, or even if you walk alone.

Is this your second marriage, and you have children old enough to accept this duty? Then by all means, allow your son or daughter to escort you!

What matters is how you feel about it and what you want. In today’s world, it is acceptable to do pretty much anything that you want to make your wedding personal and unique, so do not worry about “going by the book” in terms of finding a partner to walk with.

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