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Engagement Party

With the increasing cost of weddings,
the engagement party is no longer a necessity. However, it is still quite common and can be lots of fun. It is a great time for those close to the couple to offer congratulations and best wishes for the future.

Hosted by either set of parents or close friends of the couple, there are few rules to this celebration.

         It can be as complex as a huge ballroom complete with entertainment and decorations or as simple as a barbecue in the backyard. While there is much flexibility in the style, the most typical parties are those hosted at a personís home.
         Generally, everyone that is invited to the engagement party must also be invited to the wedding. However, if you plan on having an intimate wedding, the engagement party can be larger to include many more people into the festivities.
  • Etiquette does not require guests to bring a gift, but many will do so just the same.

Engagement parties are a time to enjoy this exciting time in the coupleís life and rejoice with the couple in their decision to get married. It is a great way to kick off the wedding festivities!

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